Virunga Beautiful Gorilla

Virunga National Park was previously baptized as Albert National park. The park covers an area of a 7,800-square-kilometer that stretches from the from Virunga mountains in the out Rwenzori mountains in the north ,democratic republic of Congo in the east, which is neighboring volcanoes national park in Rwanda and queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda.
Gorilla Trekking is a very extraordinary practice which is worth to take due to the existence of these apes in Virunga National Park that are delightful, clever and approachable to interact with. These are categorized in family groups with different characteristics with silver backs that act as leaders with adult female gorillas who are the take care of the young gorillas and the juveniles which are very playful and are always hanging in the trees. Tracking gorillas starts at Bukima Patrol post taking about 1 to 3 three hours and this depends on where they are located although park rangers will always led you to where they would have seen them the day before.
Gorilla trekking in Virunga
Throughout trekking, visitors are required to put on medical covers when interrelating with the Gorillas in an hour’s time. Congo Gorilla Safaris is known for not altering for the crowds, Gorilla Safaris Congo, as we believe that Africa shouldn’t be experienced in large groups but should rather be a friendly undertaking. In case of an appearance such as sicknesses, the visitors are recommended to cancel the trekking since the gorillas are defenseless to human diseases for example cough, colds, which has led to their loss of lives before and this is done to ensure they are safe.