Tourism attractions in Jinja city

Jinja city is located in the Busoga sub region, in the Eastern part of Uganda, commonly regarded as the ‘’adventure capital of East Africa’’.  This came as a result of very many attractions the city has. It is approximately 81 kilometers from Kampala city Uganda’s capital.

Situated along the northern shores of Lake Victoria near the White Nile, the region has a lot of water-based tourism activities you can enjoy while in jinja city, these include; white water rafting, tubing, boat cruise, water massage, water sliding among others. The city hosts the famous musical East African festival the Nyege Nyege. The region is dominated by the Basoga tribe.


The city is the second largest town in Uganda and a former industrial hub in the years of 1950s to 1970s, before Idi Amin chased away Asians who had set up industries in the area, industries later collapsed.  The city has the source of the longest river the world, River Nile.

Tourism activities have been developed with the evidence of emerging luxuries hotels in jinja, these offer tourists with the best tour adventures and comfortable rests after along touring day. The hospitality sector in jinja is also not left behind by the government, hospitality schools are set up to improve on the service delivery in the tourism sector

Tourism activities in jinja city.

White water rafting

This is one of the most popular activities in jinja, the activity is carried out at Itanda and kabalega falls. White water rafting involves passing through aggressive water waves, you may get wet all over but you’re assured of the great experience. It teaches you how to keep calm amidst tough times, this is because it is conducted in the tough and strong waves. It is best done in groups most especially those doing it for the first time. While rafting, you get an opportunity to see the beautiful flora and fauna, butterflies, monkeys and different spices of birds. There are two packages offered for rafting; full day and half day packages. Your safety is made a priority by offering you with safety gears like life jackets and a standby rescue team in case of anything.

Itanda falls

These are one of the beautiful water falls in Uganda, they have all the 6 white water rafting levels, good for those interested in rafting and kayaking. Other attractions at these falls include; the monkeys, nile monitors, baboons, reptiles and different species of birds.

Horseback riding

This is one of the fun activities in jinja, you can go explore the local communities on a horse, explore the river and more other attractions. Horse riding can be done whole day or hours depending on how far you want to go. You must be guided and escorted to ensure your safety. You can ride the horse in the morning or in the afternoon hours.

sunset cruise and tubing.

It is done mainly in the late afternoon hours, intended to give you a great relaxation after a long day of touring the city. You are offered with a snack and a drink while on the tubes as you float on top of river nile.


Kayaking involves sailing on the Nile at a slow pace as you see the beautiful sceneries, the flora and fauna, birds among others. Safety gears like life jackets, boating skills are given and taught to you before you kayak

Kyabirwa falls

Located 8km from jinja northwest of Bujagaali falls near Nakimbolede, they are wonder full falls with scenic views of the Nile.

Historical sites

Historical sites in jinja include the former factory building of the Indians who were chase by Idi Amin from Uganda. History has it that the Indians were the first foreigners to settle in jinja, they had come to work for the British colonial administrator in their factories and to construct the Uganda railway line, in the long run they settled in jinja and owned the factories. Later they were chased away from Uganda and left their factory buildings, which are still standing now and abandoned.

Tubing the Nile

This activity involves floating on top of the Nile on air pressured tubes, it is sometimes accompanied with snacks and drinks as you may wish, you also get an opportunity to see different monkeys, birds, flora and fauna and other interesting scenes. Safety measures are a priority to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Quad biking

This involves riding a four wheeled motor bike. You may choose to drive going to the local communities, sugar cane plantations, forests or to the nile. Guides teach you how to ride the bike before you set off to your preferred journey.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping in jinja starts at a cliff tower of 44 meters height which was built along the shores of river nile. The activity is nerve racking and frightening to some people, your legs are tied with a rope and you jump down to the waters of the nile. You should be at least 13 years and above to participate in bungee jumping, physically and mentally ok with no illness like hypertension and heart diseases.

Source of the Nile visit


It’s a great experience for you to see where the water that flows into the longest river comes from. this is a point where the nile water starts its journey from, from Lake Victoria and travels to Sudan and Egypt.

Sailing on river nile

This is a fun and relaxing activity you can do on top of your tour to calm down and relax, the sail takes you to the new bridge, fishing villages and other places along the Nile. Expect to see different bird spices, flora and fauna along the banks of the Nile River. There are two routes you can take, one starting from the source of the nile spot, another from Bujagaali lake, but both will give you the best satisfaction.

Jinja night life

Jinja has different hangouts from high end to low end. A lot of bars and casinos attract a good number of people in the night who want to have fun and some to drink away their problems. Bars sometimes invite local artists to come and entertain you throughout the night.

Nyege Nyege festival.

This is an annual east African musical festival conducted on the beaches of River Nile in jinja. The festival attracts over 30,000 people from different parts of the world, who come to feel the true African music and performances. It’s a good choice for music and festival lovers. Hotels during this period are always over booked and it may be hard for you to get where to sleep, so it’s better you book the room in advance upon the announcement of the festival dates.


Jinja is a fun city to explore, you can choose to explore it on foot or cycle the bicycle. This experience is rewarding because of the physical activity involved while cycling. A guide is readily available to guide you through your chosen route, mountain bikes are provided. Bicycles can be hired for the whole day, you can opt to travel to the local communities, sugarcane plantations, to mabira forest and other exciting routes as your guide will take you.


Jinja being near Lake Victoria and the Nile, it has a lot of fishing spots anyone can enjoy to their satisfaction. You are strictly allowed to catch only mature fish. The activity is fun more so when you joined with the locals who will teach you their traditional tactics of fishing. The guide will brief you on the best and less dangerous fishing sports. The most caught fish species are the tilapia and the large Nile perch.

Water massage

Water massage is done at Busowoko falls in jinja; this is a great experience where by you soak yourself in the water flowing from the falls. Many people prefer to do it with light clothes on, such that they can feel the touch of the water on their skin. This activity is better during sunny days when you want to cool down your body temperature.

Playing golf.

Jinja has the Nile Golf course and the big Game mini–Golf Course, all these two will offer you a great golfing experience like never before. The Courses are open to everyone, they offer other facilities like bar and restaurant, tennis court and a swimming pool.

Mabira forest

Mabira forest is one of the largest tropical rain forests that is still in existence in Uganda. The forest is located in Buikwe district just between mukono and jinja. Human activities in mabira forest have led to its decrease in size, but this has not stopped tourism from taking place in the forest. Tourism activities done here include, ziplining, camping, nature walks, cycling, birding among others.


Jinja offers one of the best birding sites in Uganda, which you can even spot right from your hotel window, along the way as you are heading to jinja and in mabira forest. Bird species in jinja include marabou storks, sparrows, common cuckoos, eagles, sun birds and a lot more birds.

don’t forget to come with your binoculars while coming for a birding experience.

Ssezibwa falls

Ssezibwa falls are located in kayanja mukono district. The falls are located on Ssezibwa river, It is believed that this Ssezibwa river and river bwanda were given birth to by a woman who was passing by heading to another village to go meet her parents after a misunderstanding with her husband, her parents instructed her to go back to her husband, on her way she gave birth to the two rivers. It is believed that, the falls are home to ancestral spirits like Mukasa whom people worship for fertility, Nalongo kubo, Musoke, Musisi, Kibuuka and Dungu. To date many people especially Baganda, visit this place to pray to the ancestral spirits to give them children, jobs, wealthy and protection. The falls have great sites and the guides are ready to tell you the historical stories of this mysterious falls.


Jinja has a wide range of accommodation facilities ranging from luxury, budget and mid-range.

The Mansion hotel.

This a luxury hotel situated in the upper area of jinja where the richest people stay. The hotel has luxurious rooms with high-quality services.

Bridge way guest house

This is a budget accommodation situated near the source of the nile. The guest house offers self-contained rooms, shower and a beautiful garden. Those with a destination wedding, there is space for you.

Wild waters lodge

This is also a luxury lodge situated on an island on River Nile. It has 10 luxurious cottages with balconies facing the nile. It’s the best accommodation if you want to relax as you hear water waves and nile rapids.

Jinja safari hotel

Jinja safari hotel offers luxurious rooms with the scenic views of River Nile. It has self-contained rooms with private balconies, free WIFI, a battler, room services, laundry services, bar and restaurant.

Sun set international hotel

The hotel offers high quality mid-range services with self-contained rooms, WIFI, restaurant and bar, conference facilities, parking lot and a duty-free shop. The hotel has 68 room.

Bikon hotel

This is a mid-range accommodation facility with 64 self-contained rooms, some of which are single and others are double. Located on a high way from Kampala to jinja. The hotel has amenities like a gym, conference rooms, aerobics, spa and massage plus a garden for your different functions.

The haven jinja

The lodge has all the budget, mid-range and luxurious rooms, located on the shores of Lake Victoria. It offers amenities like a bar and restaurant and swimming pool. It also offers camping options and bandas. The lodge was built with eco-friendly materials offering beautiful views of the nile.

2 Friends guest house

The guest house offers budget and midrange accommodations to tourist. It offers amenities like a swimming pool, a shower, spacious rooms with a television set.

Gately on the nile.

Gately offers mid-range accommodation. Their rooms are in form of family chalets. They offer amenities like bar and restaurant, Wi-Fi and laundry services.

Explorers river camp jinja.

Located on the shores of Bujagaali lake. It offers evening camp fire and barbecue for their guests. It is good for those who came for bungee jumping, white water rafting, and quad biking.

King fisher safari resort.

This resort in situated near the source of the Nile. It has single, double and family rooms. It offers free WIFI, massage rooms, swimming pool and a conference hall, it also offers airport pickups and transfers.

Jinja nile resort.

Near the shores of river nile, the resort offers both midrange and luxury accommodation with single and double self-contained rooms.



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