Top of the Falls


Hiking to the top of the falls is one of those main tourist activities at Murchison Falls National Park. It is an interesting adventure experience that boasts your adrenaline. The activity costs USD 15 and you are required to wear comfortable hiking boats to ease movement and light clothing. Do not forget to carry a good camera for taking the best photos and videos during a wonderful experience

Hiking is done in the afternoon after enjoying 2 hour’s boat cruise on the Nile, the boat takes you right at the bottom of the falls. After seeing the falls and taking some beautiful photos, you will head to the starting point of the hike. A trained professional UWA ranger guide will be waiting for you to guide you through the trail up to the top.

The starting point is known as Baker’s point which was named after the early explorer Sir Samuel Baker. It is written that this is the very point where he stood on a huge rock (which you will also see and stand on) and named the falls ’Murchison’.

Top of the Falls

You will commence the hike as you go through the mesmerizing natural scenery of Murchison Falls National Park, as the water roar, birds flying around and you might also see some monkeys. The guide will be at your disposal to guide you through the trail; answering questions. The trail takes about forty-five minutes to one and a half hours depending on your fitness and capacity of the hiking group.

You will enjoy the long ascending stretch up to the top of the falls, some people rest on the way because of exhaustion however as you keep going, the view of the falls keeps getting spectacular which gives you the morale and energy. You will also see the other sister falls Uhuru Falls which was formed after breaking away of water from the main Murchison falls right at the time of Uganda’s independence in 1962 hence giving it the name “Uhuru”, a Kiswahili word that means independence.  `

On reaching the top of the falls you will have the best natures view, at this point the drowsiness is no more. Your eyes will be fed with nature to the fullest as the cool water sprinkles on you. The fresh air at the top of the falls is to die for, it undoubtedly the best place to be. There is also a rainbow at the bottom of the falls. It is so exciting and wowing how the entire River Nile squeezes through the steep narrow gorge creating the world’s strongest waterfall. You are the precaution to be careful while at the top of the falls because of the slippery rocks.

You will spend quality time at the top and later be picked by your driver guide to another destination per your itinerary.

However, for those who cannot handle hiking to the top of the falls can reach the top by driving there. It is approximately from to the top of the falls,

Supplement hiking to the top of the falls activity with any of the other activities which include; game drive, birding, sport fishing, chimpanzee tracking, and cultural tours to be rewarded with the best nature, cultural and wildlife experience in Murchison Falls National Park