Horse Riding

Lake Mburo National Park is perched in western Uganda covering an area of 370 square km. This makes it the smallest savannah park among the 10 National parks of Uganda, however, it is endowed with a rich diversity of flora and fauna. The only park in Uganda with eland, impala, and klipspringer;  home to the largest population of zebra in Uganda estimated at 5,000 and probably contains the highest concentration of leopard found anywhere in Uganda. Buffalo, waterbuck, topi, and warthog are also very common. Reedbuck and oribi can also be spotted in the open valleys. Hyena, genet, bush pigs and white-tailed mongoose are often seen on night game drives.


The park has a beautiful relief, it lies between 1219m and 1828m above sea level. High hills and rocky, eroded ridges characterize the western part of the Park; here deep valleys support the forest found nowhere else. In the eastern sector, the rolling, wooded hills are intersected by wide, flat bottomed valleys, which are seasonally flooded and drain into the swamps and lakes.

There are quite several activities done in this mesmerizing park which include game drives, sport fishing, birding, nature walks, hiking, boat cruise, cultural encounters, mountain biking, and Horse riding.

Horse riding is one of those exciting and fun-filled activities one should never miss once they visit Lake Mburo, National Park. You will have a chance to ride in the park savannah plains amidst wildlife. Come up close to the animals like; topi, impala, duiker, bushbuck, waterbuck, zebra, eland and buffalo which is not the case with game drives where the animals are seen at a distance and noise of an engine hiders you from hearing the animals/ birds sounds.Horse Riding

The horse riding safaris are organized by Mihingo Lodge, one of the luxurious lodges in the park. Since December 2008 it signed a concession with UWA to operate this activity within the park.  The rides are adjusted according to the rider’s ability and knowledge about horses, beginners are recommended to just walking. Advanced riders are given lovely stretches for trotting and cantering.

The advanced riders go for 4-5 hours thrilling ride taking them to the grassy Warukiri range of hills which are nestled in the heart of the park. The ranges are surrounded by hills and valleys which display spectacular views. Furthermore, there are waterfalls where buffalos usually converge to quench their thirst. Not forgetting the small lakes which surround the park.

Horse riding is for people below 100kgs maximum carrying capacity for the horses but most of them carry not more than 85kgs. Kindly feel free to be weighed before you engage in this activity. At the moment a maximum of 6 guests at a time accompanied by at least one or 2 experienced horse guides.

Mihingo lodge provides you with fully adjustable helmets in all sizes as well as riding chaps and English style saddles. Long trousers and comfortable strong shoes with a heel are recommended but you can also wear trainers.

The breed of horses found at the lodge stables are; Thoroughbred, Ethiopian, home bred and Kenyan. Thoroughbred being the strongest horse with the ability to carry a maximum of 95kg. The children are also allowed to ride and are usually given the Bahari for their safari experience.

There is a well-trained team that lives near the stables is responsible for taking care of the horses, feeding, cleaning the stables. The stables are well aerated with enough space for the horses to run around in. Only in the evenings do the horses enter their stable boxes for dinner and protection from the hyenas otherwise spending their day out grazing on fresh grass often alongside zebra and impala.