Kidepo Valley National park entry fees.

Park Entry Fees is the money paid to access the national parks in Uganda. It is levied and collected by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. This money is used to develop the park and the communities surrounding the park. It is used for construction of schools, hospitals, dig bore holes to provide clean water to the people and capital for the local to start up small scale business like farming, craft making….

Kidepo Valley National Park is perched in Kaabong district in Karamoja region northwestern Uganda covering 1,442 square kilometer. Kidepo has rugged savannah, dominated by the 2,750 metres Mount Morungole and divided by the Kidepo and Narus rivers. It is 700km from Kampala city. The Kidepo Valley National Park is the true wilderness situated along the border of Uganda with Southern Sudan in the northeast. The open vegetation cover for the large part of Kidepo Valley National Park is ideal for spotting a wide range of big game and hosts over 77 mammal species as well as around 475 bird species.

Activities that can be done while at Kidepo Valley national Park: game drive (day and night), hiking, nature walk, birding, community visit…….

The park entry fee is valid for 24 hours. These entry fees are categorized into; Non- foreign residents, foreign residents and East African Community residents as seen below;

Adults: Foreign non- resident pay $40, foreign residents $30, East African Community Residents 20,000 UGX

Children: Foreign non-resident $20, foreign resident $10, East African resident 5000UGX

Ugandan Pupils and / or students (groups) 3,000 UGX

Tertiary Institutions/ Universities 5,000 UGX

Uganda Wildlife Clubs 2,000 UGX


Vehicle entry fees

Tour company vehicles and 4×4 wheel driver: Foreign registered $150, Ugandan registered UGX 30,000, $15

Overlanders: Foreign registered $150, Ugandans registered UGX 100000, $50

Buses and Lories: Foreign registered $150, Ugandans registered UGX 150,000, $75

Motor cycles: Foreign registered $30, Ugandans registered UGX 100,000, $5

Saloon Cars: Foreign registered $40, Ugandans registered UGX 10,000, $5

Minibuses, Omni-buses: Foreign registered $50, Ugandans registered UGX 30,000, $15

School buses: Foreign registered Not Apllicable, Ugandans registered UGX 50000, $25

Annual Park Entrance Passes: These are only applicable to foreign residents and East African community residents.

Individual: foreign residents $350 and East African Community resident 150,000UGX

Couple: foreign resident $200 and East African resident 200,000 UGX

Family (Maximum 4 children): Foreign residents $700 and east African resident 300,000 UGX

Annual Corporate pass: This only applicable to East African residents.

Safari guide: 100,000UGX

Taxi driver: 100,000UGX

Tour driver: Free



Aircraft landing fee

Pilots staying in the park for less than a period of two hours will not be able to pay entry fee to the park and landing fee excludes entry fee to be paid by passengers

Gliders, micro lights  

Ugandan: 20,000 UGX, East African$10, Foreign $10

Up to 3 seater

Ugandan 40,000 UGX, East African US$ 20, Foreign $20

7-14 seater

Foreign$40, East Africans $40, Uganda 80,000UGX

15-20 seater

Foreign $ 50, Uganda 100,000 UGX, East African $50

21 seats and above

Foreign $60, Uganda 120,000 UGX, East African $60


Foreign $100, Uganda250, 000 UGX, East African $125

Parking fee is 10000UGX per day

Foreign residents require a working permit valid for one year to qualify for annual pass.

The park can be accessed using two entrance gates; if you are traveling from the southwestern part of the park;    Kitgum and Gulu enter through Lokumoit gate while Nataba gate is the main entry point that connects to southeastern side.

The park can also be accessed by air transport through Lomej airfield get clearance to access the park at Apoka main offices 3 km near. The charter flights can be booked at Kajansi airstrip in Kampala and Entebbe International Airport.

The park also has accommodation facilities that provide comfort and serve delicious international and local dishes. Apoka Safari lodge, Kidepo Savannah lodge, Nga’moru campsite, Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp, and Apoka rest camp.