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Rwanda contract with PSG (Paris saint Germain) club to promote Tourism, Tea and Coffee

Republic of Rwanda made another 3 year contract with PSG (PARIS SAINT GERMIN) a European football club. The club announced the harsh tag of #visitRwanda will be displayed at parc des stadium where fans will be exposed to the country Rwanda. On the same note tea and coffee from Rwanda will be served to fans at the stadium and the partnership will convey Rwanda’s openness to welcome business partnership the club.  The component is advertising Rwanda as a brand i.e. VISIT RWANDA on the banners, the shirts of female players and the training kits for men.

Visit Rwanda PSG

This is a great deal and a big step to Rwanda’s tourism industry and East Africa at large. The signing of the contract with PSG club will promote, market and boost Rwanda’s economy to the outside world. It will also help Rwanda to fulfil her goal of being the cleanest city in Africa and being Africa’s most tourism destination in the world. Rwanda is the heart of Africa and has the fastest growing economy in the whole of Africa i.e. the Infrastructure, good security and safety.

Take a trip to the country of 1000 hills in the heart of Africa, with beautiful people, cultures, good security and wildlife. You will be warmly welcomed.

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