Uganda has opened all its land borders and the air port, to all tourists and returnees coming in and going out bearing a Covid-19 negative test certificate from accredited laboratory.
Uganda’s Entebbe international air port and land borders have been closed for a period of 6 months as a measure to contain Covid-19.

 Entebbe airport and all land borders are now open to all people provided they tested negative to Corona Virus 72 hours before arrival in Uganda.
President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni made this announcement on 20th September on his national address.

Tour operators are argued to make sure the tourists do not mix with the public,and returning Ugandans with negative PCR results will be allowed to go home, and the Health Ministry will only get their addresses for follow up.
Curfew, from 9pm to 6am, will be maintained; but for the boda bodas, their movements must always end at 6pm.

This announcement was following the reopening of all Uganda’s national parks to tourists including the primate parks, Uganda wildlife Authority announced this on Sept 5.


Uganda has been re opening all the sectors responsibly with most them now open, and are asked operate following the SOPs agreed with the Ministry of Health like wearing of face masks, frequent hand washing/sanitizing, social distancing as some are opened with limited numbers like worship institutions only limited to a congregation  of 70 people  maximum , schools only open for finalists

The still closed are ;
Indoor sports activities, including gyms, Casinos, gaming centers and cinemas  , bars, Mobile Markets, monthly cattle auction and produce markets.

Uganda’s total confirmed COVID-19 cases hit 6,287, with 63 deaths and 2,616 recoveries.

Airlines in the country, including the national carrier Uganda Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Kenya Airways, Qatar Airways, Air Tanzania, Ethiopian Airlines, Fly Dubai, Rwanda Air, KLM, Emirates, Brussels Airlines, and Tarco Aviation are expected to resume flights following the president’s announcement

Uganda has followed the rest of the East African countries that have opened and started receiving tourists.

Tanzania opened its boarders and airports to tourists in June 2020 All travelers are required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test which has been performed up to 72 hours prior to boarding.

All international passengers will also be subject to temperature screening on arrival, and if passengers show symptoms of COVID-19 they will be subject to further testing and may be required to quarantine at a government-designated facility at their own costs. International travelers will also be required to complete a health form on arrival. Face masks, social distancing measures, and hygiene protocols should continue to be observed by all travelers.

The Democratic Republic of Congo reopened land boarders and airports on August 15,All visitors into DRC are required to present negative PCR from your country not older than 3 days , testing upon arrival is required and possibility of quarantine upon arrival.

Rwanda is open since 1 August to all nations, testing up on arrival is mandatory and results are produced within 8 hours at acost of $50 and a negative PCR test done in your country within 72 hours of departure is required.
If a traveler arrives without a previous test results two tests will be administered on arrival with in 48 hours apart and the traveler will not leave the hotel room while waiting for the results Additional testing will be required before visiting tourist sites, Tracking Gorilla and departing.

Kenya is open as well since 1 August, The passenger should have a negative PCR-based COVID-19 test conducted within 96 hours of arrival.
Arriving passengers are required to undergo Covid-19 test and results are administered within 48- 96 hours

If you have any questions about travel requirements to East Africa comment below and we shall be able to answer as soon as possible or send us an email at engagisafaris

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