Bujagali for River Rafting

Bujagali falls was a popular waterfall in Jinja where the River nile begins its journey from Lake Victoria and some consider this point as the real source of the Nile.
The Bujagali falls are some of the great water falls on the Nile River course. These are situated in Jinja district about 8 kilo meters from the Jinja town. The Bujagali falls consist of a 1km of raging rapids, forested islands on the Nile waters and a wide variety of bird species. The Bujagali falls are among the best East African tourist destinations due to its unique and exclusive tourist activities; white water rafting, bungee jumping, quad biking, among others. This tourist center is a well-developed and established site with several great accommodation and infrastructure facilities, offering all sorts of comfort to its visitors (the services here range from budget to mid-range and luxury according to individual choice).
White water rafting is an incredible tourist activity which most limited to the strong hearted. It’s usually done from the Bujagali falls and includes a whole day and half day rafting adventures.
There are plenty of tourist activities carried out near Bujagali and the most popular ones being white water rafting, kayaking and river surfing among others. Interested in tour to Bujagali falls, contact us today , we will provide the transport and assign local guide to take you this destination and back.

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