Gorilla trekking In Africa

Gorilla Trekking In Africa

GORILLA TREKKING IN AFRICA Gorilla Trekking in Africa is the most magical wild life encounter according to the people that have seen gorillas. You can reward yourself or your loved one with this experience. Penetrating into Africa’s tropical…
Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

GORILLA TREKKING IN RWANDA Rwanda the "land of hills" is one of the smallest country in Africa, bordered by Uganda,  Tanzania, Burundi, and Congo. It lies in the African Great Lakes region, soaked in glamorous mountains in the west and savanna…
Uganda Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking In Uganda

GORILLA TREKKING IN UGANDA Gorilla trekking is an activity that gives the trackers an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the great beautiful and giant mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Gorillas live in a group called a troop which…
Congo Gorilla trekking