Ishasha (Tree Climbing Lions)

Located in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Ishasha Plains get few tourists. The area has plenty of large game to see, including its famous tree-climbing lions, which lounge in the low boughs of the fig trees.
The Ishasha Sector is actually today very famously because of its mystifying population of the tree-climbing lions that are a very exceptional attraction and as well one of the major highlights for which most guests visit this park. The Lions are normally seen lazily lying up within the branches of the huge fig trees staring down at the numerous Uganda Kobs that are graze in the open Ishasha plains – and these are actually the main prey to these lions.
Famous for its tree-climbing lions, which lounge in the low boughs of the fig trees – a habit which researchers believe is due to the need to see above the long grasses in the dry season to spot their prey, and also to avoid biting insects? Other wildlife you can hope to see in this region includes buffalo, zebra, elephants, Ugandan kob and hippos in the Ishasha River. One other notable thing about the lions at Ishasha – the manes of the males are black.
Besides tree climbing lions you often see tree climbing leopards at Ishasha, Elephant, and Buffalo herds, antelopes including Topi antelopes.

Tree climbing Lions
The Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth Park are not be missed. They are a rare sight throughout all of Africa. Many experts say that the Ishasha Region is a sure sighting place for those on Safari. The word is getting and has gotten out about the tree climbing lions that are often found here. There is much more wildlife to be seen on a game drive here. You can also find them in the remote Kidepo Valley Park in Northeast Uganda…