Kampala is compelling. Uganda’s largest city is also its political, cultural and intellectual capital, and one of the safest, most inviting African cities you’ll visit. Take a private Kampala tour and experience the backstreets and main attractions of the city with a friendly and knowledgeable local guide.
Welcome to Kampala Tours; Make the most out of your trip to Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, by taking a guided tour to enjoy the rich cultural history and tourist attractions of this beautiful city built across seven famous hills.

Tour Snapshot

On this Kampala tour, we explore how Ugandans have faced the struggles of poverty by developing inspirational grassroots initiatives. This is a unique opportunity to understand the historical challenges and recent successes of Uganda’s economic growth, as well as interact with local entrepreneurs and visit the most significant Kampala landmarks.


Visit Kampala’s most celebrated local attractions, from the Kampala Taxi Park to Nakasero Market to Constitional Square
Discover the catalysts of Uganda’s recent economic progress in the face of widespread poverty
Travel to Eastern Uganda, getting a look at the Mandela football stadium dedicated to the late Nelson Mandela en route
Explore the impressive Uganda Martyrs Shrine, honouring the sacrifice of 55 martyrs to Christianity
Learn about innovative Ugandan grassroots development initiatives by visiting two of three local NGO projects
A percentage of tour proceeds go directly back to local projects and NGOs
Discover the most famous attractions of Kampala with our selection of guided visits and things to do. Wherever your interests lie, we will guide you for a private Kampala tour.

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