Lake Kivu is a 2,650 square km strangely good-looking inland water body enclosed by steep, green terraced hills along eastern Rwanda and is at an altitude of 1, 460 metres (4,790 ft). Lake Kivu stands across the border connecting western Rwanda to the Democratic Republic of Congo and is surrounded by forested hills, with sandy bays and fishing villages. About 1 370 km2, that is 58% of the Lake Kivu waters lie inside DR Congo borders.
Lake Kivu is an excellent place to relax and settle into for a couple of days. There are not many formal activities to take part in, but with its red sandy beaches, beautiful views of lush, green hills and the nearby Gisenyi town, Lake Kivu is definitely worth a visit. Boat rides can be taken on the lake, there is a prolific amount of bird life to be seen along the lake shore and Gisenyi offers lovely sightings of old colonial buildings and a chance to experience the hustle and bustle of a local market.
After the exciting but perhaps also tiring mountain gorilla trekking safari, chimpanzee trekking and extensive game driving in Akagera National Park, Lake Kivu provides the ideal place for rest and recuperation. For sunbathing, swimming and water sports, the Rwanda Riviera town of Gisenyi is the place to be. If you prefer complete seclusion for mental and physical relaxation, we recommend the Kibuye Guest House, in the south of Lake Kivu. If you love speed boats, canoe sailing, or just mountain walks and picnics, Kibuye will provide these facilities to your satisfaction.