Morocco has a great history to recon on traced from the historical dynasties that have succeeded one
another overtime to the present day. The beautiful nature and the diverse cultural values and
attachments embraced by the Moroccan people from the different dynasties have had a significant
impact in their lifestyle. The dynasties include; Idrisside dynasty, Almoravid dynasty, Almohad dynasty,
Dynastie Merinide, Saadian dynasty and Alaouite dynasty.
The beautiful natural parks and lakes with amazing caves, cliffs, gorges and numerous vegetation species
spread over a very large area make Morocco one of the best Safari destinations for nature lovers.
Nothing beats the outstanding beauty of the unusual landscapes and the elegant waterfalls seen at the
natural parks spread around the country.
Some of the Places to visit in Morocco include the Natural Park Souss Massa that shelters over 300
species of plants and 300 animal species. Talassemtane National Park, the Lake of Lalla takerKoust can
never miss on your bucket list. The major travel activities there are hiking and trekking adventures.