Tourism is the third largest sector in Zimbabwe after mining and Agriculture contributing
significantly to the country’s economy. The natural, cultural and favourable environment
throughout the year has earned Zimbabwe a name ‘World of Wonders’ making it one of the
world’s leading destinations. Zimbabwe is gifted with natural and manmade attractions like the
enormous Victoria Falls, lakes, rivers, Matopo Hills and National Parks.
The major tourist attractions in Zimbabwe include the Mighty Victoria Falls National park,
Victoria Falls bridge, Hwange, Maboto, Great Zimbabwe National Parks, Imire Rhino and
Wildlife Conservation, Lake Kariba, Maboto Hills, Bulawayo railway Museum, Mukuvisi
Woodlands Victoria Falls Snake Park, Kuimba Shiri bird sanctuary, Thetford game Reserve,
Mtarazi Falls, and Mount Nyangani among others.
Zimbabwe can be visited any time of the year just like most countries on the African continent
due to its favourable weather conditions. The temperature is normally between 21◦c to 35◦c all
year round. However the best time to visit Zimbabwe is between July and October when the
natural water holes are dry in most protected areas forcing the wild animals to gather at the
lakes and man-made water centres. This period gives visitors a chance for game viewing at one
point. The other month between November and March are also good for game viewing but
most importantly the birders will enjoy the migratory birds. Meanwhile the period between

April and June is a great opportunity to enjoy the fantastic Views of the mighty Victoria Falls to
the Fullest.